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Connectors for Outdoor Solutions

The innovative HARTING PushPull technology and the classic Han® 3 A housings in IP 65/67 since long proved themselves under harshest environmental conditions thanks to their high protection level and a robust design.The selected materials and the special manufacturing processes allow the use of the connectors under such environmental conditions that are also characterized through extreme fluctuations of temperature, high ozon levels and ultraviolet irradiation.

HARTING Outdoor Solutions - Download

D-Sub (Subminiature D) connectors

HARTING’s comprehensive D-Sub connector range provides solutions for various applications, including:

D-Sub - Standard connectors with 9 to 50 straight, right-angled, right-angled low profile or US foot print style contacts.
D-Sub - High Density connectors with 15 to 78 straight and right-angled contacts, exceeding the contact capacity of the standard Subminiature D connectors by 70%.
D-Sub - Mixed connectors with nearly 20 different contact arrangements offering versatile options for mixing power, coaxial, high voltage, signal and even pneumatic contacts in one connector.
D-Sub - Waterproof - IP 67 connectors with 9 to 50 contacts for panel mount to PCB or cable.
D-Sub - Filter connectors.
Depending on the product family, various termination techniques can be supplied for D-Sub connectors such as press-in, solder, SMC or SMT to match the customer’s termination process.In addition, a wide range of hoods and accessories completes the D-Sub cable connector range to fulfil all kinds of requirements such as EMC, IP 67 etc.

Product families

D-Sub Standard connectors
comprehensive range of D-Sub Standard connectors of HARTING

D-Sub High Density connectors
space saving D-Sub connectors with a higher contact density

D-Sub Mixed connectors
combination of different contact types in one D-Sub Mixed connector

D-Sub Filter connectors
various filter types in one D-Sub Filter connector

D-Sub IP 67 connectors
D-Sub IP 67 connectors for water resistant applications

Housings for D-Sub connectors
a wide choice of hood styles for many applications

IDC connector system for flat cables in the pitch 2.54mm x 2.54mm

HARTING’s product range of IDC flat cable connectors according to IEC 60 603-13 is designed for various cable-to-PCB applications. The different types of IDC board connectors offer 6 to 64 pins in various terminations such as solder (manual, wave or reflow), press-in or wire wrap.The IDC cable connectors are equally suited for indoor use as well as for outdoor applications and harsh environments.
SEK – Insulation Displacement Connector system (IDC), 2.54 mm pitch - Download

Mini Delta Ribbon (MDR) connectors har-mik®
HARTING offers a wide range of Mini Delta Ribbon (MDR) connectors har-mik®, which encompasses the space saving har-mik® Pin&Socket and har-mik® Bellows connectors in 1.27mm contact pitch for data transfer rates up to 600MHz. The har-mik® connectors comply with various standards such as SCSI, IPI, HIPPI, EIA/TIA, IEC, IEEE 1284.

There are the following components available in this range:
IDC Cable connectors for round discrete wire cables and flat cables.
Straight or right angled shielded and unshielded board connectors with latch or screw fixing for standard reflow soldering.
Metal and plastic hoods with top and side cable entry (also for cables with large diameter) for all har-mik® sizes.
Flat and round cables for harnesses and screw locks for panel mounting.
All necessary tooling for insulation displacement termination.

har-mik® — Miniature D connectors / IEC 61 076-3-100, IEC 61 076-3-101, 1.27 mm [0.050“] pitch - Download

Metric I/O connectors in 2.0mm pitch har-link®

HARTING's modular I/O connector system, har-link® in 2.0mm pitch, allows data transfer rates up to 2Gbit/s. The har-link® connector system of HARTING complies with the requirements of IEC 61076-4-107 and is a compact and robust PCB-to-cable interface with excellent data transmission properties.

har-link® - Modular metric high speed connectors IEC 61 076-4-107, 2.0 mm [0.079"] pitchcatalogue chapter

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